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Graphic designer, media designer



A project by Simone Jeitler and Kristina Kamleitner


Feeling life. What does that actually mean?


To us, it means being aware of emotions. Every single oneTo enjoy each day to its fullest - in all its facets. Where there is light, there is shadow; Where there is darkness, there is hope. Which means: life is not only black or white. Not good or bad. There are dark days & happy ones as well, and those somewhere in between.  

Life isn't always what we wish for - and yet it deserves being lived.

With our project #fühldasleben we want to make a statement. Point out that it's okay not to be at your best all the time. That it's okay to ask for help.

We want to remind you that  giving up  is not an option.



by Simart Photography

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